I Love Belarus! - Luc Spencer-Gardner

And I do – despite their efforts in the competition being… well… less that great.  There have been some exceptions to this, the most notable is “Love Me Tonight” by Angelica Agurbash in 2005.  What a song… What a lot of reveals! 

I digress… So 2017 is just around the corner, and on 30 November, Belarus whittled their 67 applicants down to a mere 13.  The jury panel could have selected up to 15, however they chose only the 13.  And with the caliber of performance they chose, I can only imagine how… “Good”… the ones who missed out were…

Here are the thirteen finalists for the National Selection, due to be held on January 25:

Anastasiya Sheverenko - "We'll Be Together" (Composer - Maxim Aleynikov, Irina Filatov)

Angelica Pushnova - "We Should Be Together" (Composers - Kirill Ermakov, Natalya Tambovtseva).

Isaac Nightingale - "On The Red Line" (Composer - Vadim Kapustin)

Iyul (Yuliya Korenyuk) - "Children of the World" (Composer - Dmitry Fomich)

Kattie - "Wild Wind" (Composer - Anders Hansson, Sharon Vaughn)

Lermont x Julic - "Heartbeat" (Composer - Vasiliy Selischev, Anton Rubatskiy)

Aleksandra Tkach - "Be Stronger" (Composer - Lexy Weaver)

NAPOLI - "Let's Come Together" (Composer - Michael James Down, Primoz Poglajen, Niklas Hast)

NAVI - "Story of My Life" (Composer - Artyon Lukyankenko)

Nikita Hodas - "Voice In My Head" (Composer - Nikita Hodas)

Nuteki - "Take My Heart" (Composer - Mikhail Nokarshvili, Dawn Michel)

PROvokatsiya - "#mylove" (Composer - Anatoliy Chepikov, Svyatoslav Pozdnyak, Ilya Yermak)

Vladislay Kurasov - "Follow The Play" (Composer - Vladislay Kurasov, Natalya Rostova)

So far – the polls have Nikita Hodas with a slight lead over Nuteki to represent.

Thank you for tuning in!  More to come!