Hungary - Ronny Addamo


A Dal 2017, Hungary’s mechanism for finding their Eurovision artist, kicks off Saturday 14th January. This year, the selection will be broken down into three heats 14/1, 21/1 and 28/1, two semi-finals 4/2 and 11/2, with the grand finale and crowning Eurovision artist moment on 18/2.

 Each heat will consist of some 10 songs competing for 6 places in the semi-final. These will be broken down by a 4-person jury, a further jury member will comprise of the televote results. So… this is convoluted isn’t it, each jury member rates a song from their favourite, 10 points, to their least, 1 point, not forgetting that the televote acts as another jury member (Phew!). The five acts with the highest combined scores from the jury make up 5 places in the semi. As if that’s not enough, a further voting round with the remaining 5 songs will determine the 6th act to make the semi’s.

What national selection would be complete without a bit of drama, and yes, Hungary has given us already, 2!

In January, it was announced that Jetlag, and their song ‘Keresem a bajt’ would be replaced offering no explanation… Interesting.

Secondly, just a week before the contest kicks off, it was announced that Szabyest, with his song ‘Szerelem Keli (Love Must)’ was to be disqualified as the song had been publicly performed before September 1st, as Eurovision rules state, this is not allowed. But fear not, they have been replaced!

Loving that I picked Hungary now, so with this, the first 10 songs competing for semi-final glory are:

Benji- Karcock

Calidora- Glory

David Henderson - White Shadows

Kata Csondor- Create

Leander Kills - Elet

Rocktenors - Osz

Roma Soul- Nyitva a haz

Spoon 21 - Deak

The Wings - Mint a hurrikan

Viki Singh - Rain

So who will Hungary pick? One thing Is for sure, Hungary is certainly thinking outside the square this year! Will Benji’s soul win some hearts? Will Calidora find her own glory with her modern ballad? Can David Henderson dubstep his way to the semis? Kata could be hard to beat with her creative pop! Rockers Leander Kills sound like they mean business with their hard rock ballad. Maybe the softer rock of the Rocktenors is more favourable? Perhaps some Roma grooves to shake things up a bit? The boyband Spoon 21, with their current Swedish sounding tune are a current favourite. The Wings may just fly through with their acoustic pop number, or will Viki Singh storm through with her classic euro ballad Rain?


These 10 songs will battle out for 6 places in the semifnal this Saturday night! Check out the facebook poll to cast your vote!