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One week before the preview shows of Supernova, Latvian Broadcaster LTV, have released the participants and song titles for the 2017 competition. All but one songs studio version is available via YouTube, Soundcloud or Spotify. Over the last few days I have listened to them, various times, to compile a list of each song, artist, genre and how many times it has been viewed to date. I have also given a short subjective blurb about each song.

LTV have selected songs that match a certain criteria, this can be heard in their similarities. Most of the songs selected will appeal to a commercial radio audience. Unfortunately there isn’t a large span across genres but overall the quality is good. These songs make a great playlist. Hopefully the order of the heats highlights their strengths and difference, not similarities. The preview shows are on the 22nd and 29th of January. Stay tuned for more action - with two heats, a semi and explosive final Supernova 2017 is sure to outshine the galaxy!

Song: Taju Ot Lyubvi
Artist: THE HiQ

Genre: Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 6,566

This songs advantage is that it’s the only non-English song. It should stand out and hopefully has staging as good as its current video.

Song: I'm in Love With You

Artist: The Ludvig

Genre: Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 26,989

Pure, simple and well sung love song. Will be interesting to see how he gives this song life on he stage.


Song: Little Weird
Artist: Laura Lo Ft. Chris Oak
Genre: Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 416

Slow paced modern duet. Great radio friendly song. Dawson’s Creek anyone!  Should do well.

Song: Dynamite
Artist: Markus Riva
Genre: ‘New Age’ Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 25,103


Written for Eurovision. Could be a love song but is meant to appeal to a larger feeling. Channeling Mans and Sergey. I’m imaging graphics on the big screen of the stage.

Song: Blood Runs Quicker
Artist: Katrina Cirule
Genre: Pop

YouTube Views (15/01): 1

Has a good flow! Great lyrics and beat. Makes you move. Good looking singer.

Song: Up
Artist: Franco Franco
Genre: ‘New Age’ Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 7,901


This song has a modern sound with repetitive lyrics; whilst it builds up a little it never really goes anywhere. Contradiction – stay, only stay, stay the same.

Song: Runaway
Artist: Miks Galvanovskis

Genre: Pop

YouTube Views (15/01): 3
Upbeat. A bit dated but likeable love song.

Song: All I Know
Artist: My Radiant You
Genre: Alternative
YouTube Views (15/01): 7,164


Well written, easy to remember lyrics that should appeal to most people. Hipster realness, “Slow down brother”! Fan favourite. Should do well with those that like to sign along!

Song: One by One
Artist: UP

Genre: Folk
Soundcloud Views (15/01): 1,986

 Could stand out for good or bad reasons. This could represent The Netherlands - a bit Birds, a bit You and Me, a bit Bang Bang by Cher. Not really ‘Eurovision’.

Song: Rage Love
Artist: Anna Zankovska
Genre: Pop/Dance
YouTube Views (15/01): 38


90’s feel, fast paced pure pop. She’ll need to sing well live and have interesting staging to make it stand out. Look up Melissa Tkautz.

Song: Your Breath
Artist: Santa Danelevica
Genre: Pop

YouTube Views (15/01): 120

 Fairly forgettable love song.

Song: Magic Years
Artist: Lauris Valters
Genre: Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 22

Aspirational love song. Cue the bad TV commercial!

Song: Silhouette
Artist: Katrine Lukins
Genre: Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 6,696

Good intentions, nice lyrics, not as well produced as some of the others here.

Song: Spiritual Priest

Artist: Miks Dukurs
Genre: Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 5,160


Slow paced self-reflecting song about escaping the daily grind. Slightly repetitive and flat.  Good voice, average song.

Song: Feel the Love
Artist: Rock’n’Berries

Genre: Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 2,311

Upbeat, fun, if a little predictable. Stands out in a playlist.

Song: Naked
Artist: First Question
Genre: ‘New Age’ Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 1,296

Best ‘of the time’ song. Fresh but slightly repetitive. Flows on nicely from Justs. Search Cloud Control or Total Giovanni.

Song: Line
Artist: Triana Park

Genre: ‘New Age’ Pop
YouTube Views (15/01): 12,881

Good pace, well written, a great sounding track. Club potential. Are they doing coke?!

Song: Who's in Charge
Artist: Linda Leen
Genre: Pop/Rock
YouTube Views (15/01): 20,830

Creative video. Has a LoveWave darkness similarity. Probably the only slightly rock sounding song. Will it translate or does it sound dated?

Song: We Are Angels
Artist: Edgars Kreilis

Genre: Pop

YouTube Views (15/01): 36

 Really nice song. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. Suitable for Eurovision.

Song: We Won't Back Down
Artist: Toms Kalderauskis

Genre: Pop

YouTube Views (15/01): 3,606
Classic Eurovision. Cute guy – powerful song. Stands a good chance. Think Pioneer and We Are The Heroes.

Song: U (Can Keep Your Cools)
Artist: Pikaso

Genre: Rap
I don’t mind rap songs, the good ones.

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Song: Escape
Artist: Crime Sea