Georgia - Carolina Anazgo Leo

Georgia's History in a nutshell and National Final preview
"Georgia's Eurovision history is made of memorable songs whose both Esc and Jesc debuts took place in 2007. After skipping the 2009 contest, it reached 9th placein 2010 with Sofia Nizharadze's Shine and 2011 with Eldrine's One More day, becoming the Georgian country's best results in Esc itself.


Of all 9 participations so far, it missed the grand final twice in 2012; while in 2014, The Shin and Mariko brought the caucasian country's worst result to date, ending last in their semifinal.

It had better luck in Junior Eurovision by achieving 3 victories in 2008 with Bzikebi, 2011 with Candy and most recently in 2016 thanks to Mariam Mamadashvili (Video of her winning song shown below).

On January 20 2017, GPB will be broadcasting "Evroviizis Erovnul Knokurss" will take place in Tbilisi Philamornic hall. 25 acts (Originally 28, but 3 songs withdrew before the show) will be participating to impress the Georgian public, but only one winner will be chosen via 70% international jury and 30% televote and will Represent Georgia in Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. You can view the entries here.