Finland - Aaron Paraiso

Suomi, Suomi, Suomi. What will you be giving us this year? I usually follow the Finnish selection quite closely, so I was slightly disappointed to find out that they have decided to ditch the 2 semi-finals this year. However, we have an interesting combo of the pre-selected 10 songs to listen to before the final.

My opinions here are completely based on the studio versions of all the songs. I haven't heard all of them singing live yet. So my opinion could change drastically on the night of the final. I have seen all of the music videos, some better than others, but have not factored them into my opinion of the entry as a whole.

Here we go!

GÜNTHER & D’SANZ: “Love Yourself”

I was very surprised to hear of Günther's participation this year. Not only because I haven't heard anything about him in at least 10 years, but also because he's a Swede (though it's not the first time in history that an artist from the land of Abba is participating in another country). He would have bypassed the Finnish citizenship/residence requirement, since the other half of the duet is a Finn. He's very much been a solo artist in the past though. Known for his funny, light hearted, provocative summer hits, somehow I never pictured him in ESC. This is a very typical song of his, so not surprising at all. However, very unique in the competition.


Eclectic and odd. Not in a good way either. Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Flight Club. My crystal ball is saying something like "last place", but it's hard to make out.

ZÜHLKE: “Perfect Villain”

This was originally my favourite, probably because it stood out as the only R&B song. Since then, it's slowly made it's way down my list. It's still catchy anyway.

ANNI SAIKKU: “Reach Out For The Sun”

The song is pleasant, but that's about the extent of it. It doesn't really go anywhere. I was waiting for it too!

NORMA JOHN: “Blackbird”

This song does have potential. I really can't even start to guess how well it will do. It's mysterious, has a nice melody and it's calming. But at the same time, I find it dull and I'm still waiting for it to grow on me.

LAURI YRJÖLÄ: “Helppo elämä”

The only Finnish language song this year is titled "The Easy Life". I'm not too keen on the frequent transition between vibrato to normal, but I like the tune. A typical Finnish pop song in many respects, though probably will not fair very well.

ALVA: “Arrows”

This is probably one of the biggest contenders. The melody sort of sticks on you, though the song is still not very memorable though.

MY FIRST BAND: “Paradise”

One is only left with their imagination to guess what he's singing about. Fun and catchy song, despite the cryptic message:)

CLUB LA PERSÉ: “My Little World”

This It's not safe to say that it will fail though, as many said that about Lordi. Not having seen their live performance yet, I am expecting something fun! The song is not very strong, so they really have to back it up with an over the top performance. I had to giggle when I first heard the name of the group. For those of you who don't know, "perse" (minus the accent mark) means "butt" in Finnish. Still sounds like a classy name to me. Oui.

EMMA: “Circle of Light”

Yes! I love this one. I truly feel that this song would do the best on the international stage out of all the Finnish songs this year. That being said, Finland has many a time had a potential ESC winner in the pre selection, but instead opted to send an entry which will surely crash and burn. We'll see on the 28th of January!