Belarus Part Two - Luc Spencer-Gardner


January 20th saw Belarus come alive with their National Selection.  For those of you who listened to the songs up for selection, you may have chosen to make a drinking game out of it, or just clip your lawn with nail scissors. 

The bookmakers had Navi Band to win, pipping the “alternative rockers” Nuteki at the post.  Was this to come true? Well… let’s see…


Here are the results of the Belarussian Jury and Televote:

13th (also known as LAST)

The ever dreadful, off key and off putting… Lermont x Julic with “Heartbeat”

This received a grand total of NIL POINTS (rightfully) from both Televote and Jury!



Receiving just one point, from the Televote only, is Kattie with “Wild Wind”



The Jury votes gave Vladislav Kurasov his 4 points only, for “Follow the Play”


9th (tied position)

Angelica Pushnova with “We Should Be Together” received 4 points from the Televote, and 3 points from the Jury.


Tying with Angelica was Aleksandra Tkach’s “Be Stronger”, allocated 2 points from the Televote and 5 points from the Jury.



Scoring only from the Jury, 8 points mind you, was Isaac Nightingale with “On the Red Line”



“Children of the World” from July (Yuliya Korenyuk) scored 9 points in total, 8 from the Televote, 1 from the Jury.



Contemporary sounding hipster Nikita Hodas received only 3 points from the Televote, and 7 points from the Jury with his song, “Voices in My Head”


4th (tied position)

PROvokatsiya scored the top score from the Televote of 12 points with the song “#mylove”


Equalling the score of returning artist NAPOLI, who received the second highest score from the Televote of 10 points, and 2 points from the Jury with the song “Let’s Come Together”



Coming in third, “We’ll Be Together” by Anastasiya Sheverenko scored 7 points in the Televote and 6 points from the Jury.



The Belarussian Silver medal goes to, funnily enough, the predicted runner up, Nuteki, with “Take My Heart”




The Belarussian Indie-Folk-Pop duo who came fourth in 2016’s Belarussian selection have achieved their goal.  They won the National Selection for Belarus with their Indie-Folk track “Historyja Majho Zyccia” (Story of my Life).  They won over the Jury, scoring the highest points, 12, and also receiving 6 points from the Televote. 


The group is led by Arciom Lukjanienka and Ksienija Žuk.  Arciom (vocals, guitar) was born (1992-08-13)13th August 1992 in Hlybokaye, Vitebsk Region. He is an adherent of the Catholic Church.  Ksienija (vocals, keyboard) was born(1991-12-21) 21st December 1991 in Minsk.

They came together to form NAVI in 2013 in Minsk.  All their songs are performed in the Belarussian language.  Their third studio album, Illuminatsiya will be released in 2017 to coincide with their representation of Belarus at Eurovision in Kiev.

Can they make it to the Grand Final?  I am sure we all wish them the Best of Luck!