Hungarian Semi 1 - Ronny Addamo


We have a super Hungarian weekend coming up with two back to back semi-finals! 18 songs will battle it out over two nights, Friday and Saturday nights, for the 8 slots in the grand final next Saturday 18th February. So who’s left in the running, let’s take a look shall we….


Chase- Dust In The Wind

Watching this again I am left wondering how these vocals got through to the final! Oh yes, he’s a very pretty guy! The song is nice, but I think it ends here for young Chase


White Shadows- David Henderson

Another song, another cutesy guy. A much more commanding intro and verse, but the dub step, and white boy dancing… I think this will make the final


See It Through- Gigi Radics

Pretty girl in white dress sings theatrical ballad. Sound familiar? Yes I thought so too. It’s not bad, and she’s a good singer, but originality is zero here.


Fall Like Rain- Gina Kanizsa

I just find this dull, and once again, highly unoriginal. I think these songs have been plotted against each other purposely to keep the grand final more interesting


Origo- Joci Papai

I like Bollywood as much as the next guy, just not sure it has a place on the Eurovision stage in this instance… and there’s a rap…. Enough said


Kalandor- Soulwave

Cute boy part three! Now I’m convinced we’re in the sound alike semi. This is again, inoffensive, but I expected more from this as it was an early favourite of mine


Deak- Spoon 21

This is the current favourite. I don’t really get it. It’s boppable and will certainly stand out among this lot. A final cert.


Vege Van- The Couple

As a song, which I didn’t dig in the studio, this is very commanding. I enjoy this for its simplicity, and I believe her, something lacking in many other entries


Rain- Viki Singh

Another solemn lass. This is a nice song, but only just slightly more dramatic than the other two, in the same category. My pick of the three.


My pics for the final are

Vege Van- The couple, Rain- Viki Singh, See It Through- Gigi Radics and Kalandor- soulwave. But that’s just wishful thinking on my part!