Latvia - Nathan Mountford



Heat 2 of Supernova 2017 is this Sunday (February 12). GET EXCITED! 11 entries will compete for 4 spots in the Semi Final. Two spots will be filled by the most popular songs. Two additional songs voted by the jury (Joy Deb, Petri Mannonen, Matthias Miller and Fružina Zepa). The show will be broadcast from LTV Studio 6, Riga.

Songs can be streamed via Spotify. Check out the videos and my initial reactions to each song in Part 1 of my coverage.

Below are my opinions of each song and predictions for the second heat. Studio versions are often great, but will the artists ‘shine’ or ‘snuff out’ on stage?


Katrine Lukins “Silhouette”

I don’t think this song will be strong enough. Katrine has a sweet voice and the song has a great message but it will need something special to stand out.


Up “One By One”

This is a strong song, with great vocals, that will translate well live. But will it be popular? It will most likely do well with the jury. I will expect something interesting with her costume or props.


Laura Lo & Chris Oak “Little Weird”

I like the lyrics in this song. Laura and Chris both have great voices that work well together. I hope they look into each other’s eyes lovingly and take us to a warm fuzzy place!


Santa Danelevica “Your Breath”

Not one of my favourites but the more I listen to it the more I appreciate it. I also think it will translate well live with plenty of wind, smoke and a great dress! Good luck Santa.


The Ludvig “I’m In Love With You”

I really appreciate the simplicity of this song by The Ludvig! I can imagine singing it to my darling! It has a massive amount of views on YouTube. It should be easy to present on stage and I think the jury will like it.


Miks Galvanovskis “Runaway”

This just sounds a bit dated compared to the other songs on offer in this semi. Miks could surprise us all with a spectacular performance but its mid-tempo, foot shuffle feel will most likely be predictable and has been done before.


Toms Kalderausksis “We Won’t Back Down”

I think this song is perfect for Eurovision! Toms better do it justice and perform the hell out of it to sail straight through to the semi. “Love always conquers hate”.


Markus Riva “Dynamite”

People may have high expectations of Markus. I don’t think he is a great ‘live’ performer. I do think the song is great. I can see it doing well if selected for Eurovision. Can he pull it off?!


Triana Park “Line”

I like this song but I’m not sure it has much depth to it. Hopefully Triana Park will put on a great performance. It seems to be a fan favourite, will that be enough?


My Radiant You “All I Know”

The more I listen to this, the more I’m convinced it will qualify. It’s a likeable song. My Radiant You’s previous exposure will be a big advantage.


The HiQ “Taju Ot Lyubvi”

This songs advantage is that it’s the only non-English song. It should stand out and hopefully has staging as good as its current video. It could also be forgotten. Which will it be? Either way, THE HiQ have a well-produced song they can be proud of.


After the first heat I have no idea what is going to happen here! It will be an interesting final if none of the pre-favourites qualify! I do believe however that whomever performs best deserves to advance.



My Radiant You “All I Know”

Toms Kalderauskis “We Won’t Back Down”



UP “One By One”

Laura Lo & Chris Oak “Little Weird”




Markus Riva “Dynamite”

Santa Danelevica “Your Breath”