Hungary - Ronny Addamo


As you may have seen from my last post Hungary is doing its own Super weekend of Semi-finals. This article explores semi-final two, going out live on Saturday 11th February. If the first semi seemed a little safe, don’t fear, this one has all kinds of wonderful for you to enjoy. Here’s a rundown on what you can expect

Together- Adam Szabo

This is common, tired fare. The birdcages are a nice touch, but Adam’s live vocals need some serious work if he wants to win this and represent Hungary proudly in Kyiv.

Karcok- Benji

Young Benji is a talented vocalist, but this song is quite dull.

Hosszu Idok- Gabi Toth

Now this grabbed me and said listen. Great vocals, a lot going on and quite entertaining. I’ll be very surprised if this isn’t in the top 4 of the whole national final.

17- Kallay Saunders Band

People who wear sunglasses indoors irk me. This just seems really pretentious. This is certainly no ‘Running’. It’s actually pretty pedestrian

Elet- Leander Kills

Nice, an 80’s rock ballad with some grunt. Not sure these guys will make the cut. They don’t seem too comfortable with the cameras.

Frozen King- Mrs. Columbo

This is a quirky little number. It’s performed well. Could be a dark horse

Kill Your Monster- Peet Project

A little bit of funk is always good. This is good funk! A personal favourite of mine

Nyitva a Haz- Roma Soul

Well. That was…. Colourful. A bit of light fun, but ultimately, not for me. Will likely make the final

#hatterzaj- Zavodi + Oliver Berkes

A laidback bit of blues. This is great. These guys are spot on. But I don’t see it going further


My top four would be

#hatterzaj, Kill your monster, Frozen King and Hosszu Idok

What are yours?