Hungary - Ronny Addamo


After what feels like an eternity, Hungary’s  A Dal 2017 is coming to a close this Saturday night with 8 songs poised, and ready to win the hearts of Hungary…Well, Hungary’s jury! There has been quite a turbulent relationship between the Hungarian jury and the general public with the jury favouring, ahem, real musician and singers, vs the public who are looking to be entertained and also, wanting that killer tune. We’ve seen a few fan favourites lose out, so Saturday night promises to be a very interesting show.

It will go down like this,

The eight acts will perform for the final time. The jurors will then score their top 4 entries individually, scoring their favourite 10, then, 8,6,4 with the rest getting zero points. The voting lines will then open, with only the top 4 of the jury selection. The winner will be decided on 100% televote alone.


I will spare you my judgement this time… until the end…

Kalandor- Soulwave

See It Through- Gigi Radics

Origo- Joci Papai

Fall Like Rain- Gina Kanizsa

Seventeen- Kallay Saunders Band

#Hatterzaj- Zavodi + Oliver Berkes

Elet- Leander Kills

Hosszu Idok- Gabi Toth & Freddie Shuman ftg. Begi Lotfi

So who will win?

My prediction is that we will see the juries vote for Origo, Fall Like Rain, Elet and Hosszu Idok.

Out of these four, I’m going with Gabi and her very original track Hosszu Idok. I think it ticks more boxes, and is a happy compromise from the jury and the televoting public… or I could be completely wrong!