Latvia - Nathan Mountford



The second show is done; therefore, we conclude the heats. Well done to Santa Danelevica, My Radiant You, The Ludvig and Triana Park, qualifiers from Heat 2.

People expected this heat to be ‘better’. I was surprised how many of the acts didn’t perform as expected. Obviously some artists are better in the studio. I think what makes an ‘ok artist’ a ‘great artist’ is their ability to perform and sing well live. It becomes clear at Eurovision who these artists may be!

Here is my overview of the live performances:

1 Katrine Lukins “Silhouette”

She looks good and sang well. There’s nothing wrong with this performance it just doesn’t stand out. It needed something else. This is probably similar to other national final songs already chosen. Being first to perform doesn’t help either.

2 Markus Riva “Dynamite”

I was hopeful he would sing well live, but he didn’t! I’m sure with some coaching he could improve. He looks creative but without a good voice it kinda defeats the purpose of entering a song contest! It hurts my ears!

3 Toms Kalderausksis “We Won’t Back Down”

I still think this could have been a good choice. In terms of this performance the only thing I don’t like is his outfit! And the backing vocals seem to be overpowering.

4 Up “One By One”

Very ethereal. This performance was way to tame for the lyrics. She sounds different live. I think the dancers enhance the visuals. If this was in Heat 1 it may have made it to the Semi.

5 Miks Galvanovskis “Runaway”

Not as bad as I had anticipated! I think he’s vocals are strong but I don’t like the dancers. Bright and colourful visuals make it pleasing to watch even if it has an amateur feel.

6 The HiQ “Taju Ot Lyubvi”

I think this was a good solid performance. A little surprised it didn’t get through as I think it was probably one of the stronger performances.

7 Santa Danelevica “Your Breath”

Nothing overly exciting about this but she is a strong vocalist and you can see this growing. It is very ‘Eurovision’; where that has been others weakness this is Your Breath’s strength.

8 Laura Lo & Chris Oak “Little Weird”

Cute performance to match the song. These guys sound the most similar to their studio version. I think this is better than some of the qualifiers from Heat 1.

9 My Radiant You “All I Know”

Not as good as what I thought it would be but that just means it has some room to grow before the Semi. Needs a bit more polish but this would be a good choice for May.


10 The Ludvig “I’m In Love With You”

I feel if selected this would suffer the same fate as Jüri Pootsmann. People would say they liked it but wouldn’t vote for it. He has room to grow but you could only do so much with this song!

11 Triana Park “Line”

Much better than I expected. Her voice sounds different live too, but not in a bad way, probably makes it more interesting. Funny how she is referencing ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. The most interesting performance of the night. I do think they need to change the repetition (possibly add lyrics) to give the song more depth in order to do well at Eurovision.

From 22 we have 8. These eight will now compete in the Semi Final on February 19, where those 8 become 4. Now we have seen all acts perform live who do you think will make the Semi?

My predictions for the Semi Final (even though my previous predication to date have been hopeless!):

My Radiant You “All I Know”

Triana Park “Line”

Santa Danelevica “Your Breath”

Miks Dukurs “Spiritual Priest”

Stay tuned for my coverage post semi.