Sweden's Melodifestivalen Heat 3 - Eduardo Lobo

Preview - Melodifestivalen - Heat 3

This Saturday the third semifinal of the Swedish selective for the Eurovision Song Contest is going to be broadcasted, and we are having a lot of debuts on the Melodifestivalen on this heat, and two comebacks.

Let’s see who they are and what can we expect for tonight’s show? Let’s go!


Robin Bengtsson "I Can't Go On"

After coming on the 5th place last year, it was an obvious choice toRobin come back to Melodifestivalen, this time with another kind of song and performance. Forget the harmonica and the empty stage of “Constellation Prize”, now he’s walking, dancing and walking even more on a treadmill. The song is an upbeat electropop and it’s really radio friendly and one of the favorites to go directly to the MelFest final.


Krista Siegfrids "Snurra min jord"

The Finnish 2013 representant continues her Melodifestivalen journey after trying with “Faller” last year. But the vibrant red and car race themed themed performance disappear as a fully choreographed dark and a bit experimental form of a schlager song appears. The song is kind of a midtempo pop, but Krista promises a great twist at the end. It would be a keychange? We all will need to watch this Saturday to see it.


Anton Hagman "Kiss You Goodbye"

He’s a youtuber famous for doing covers on his channel. Now he’s debuting his singing career on the biggest music show of the country. Nice, huh? His song is one of the two which the melody is based on a guitar. But “Kiss You Goodbye” is a nice uptempo song, that, probably, the young swedish girls will fall in love with. And so many grown ups too.


Jasmine Kara "Gravity"

She may be short, but maybe we have one of the dark horses of this year here. Jasmine debuts in Melodifestivalen with a club anthem and a performance with a lot of technical work and virtual graphics. She is known for being powerful on stage, so, we can expect a really good performance (and vocals too).


Owe Thörnqvist "Boogieman Blues"

He is a legend in Sweden, a pioneer of the swedish comedy. And with 60 years doing shows, finally Owe Thörnqvist debuts on Melodifestivalen. His song has a bit of jazz, a bit of rockabilly and a lot of ketchup… well, he’s singing about hot dogs on the song!

So, for this performance, expect some good comedy lines, if you understand swedish, and a nice performance of the dancers.


Bella & Filippa "Crucified"

This is the second song which is mainly based with guitars. The sisters Bella & Filippa has a slow midtempo folk-pop song. Something that Timoteij would do on their great times. But at the moment, nothing special were revealed about the song and the performance besides playing their guitars and delivering solid vocals.



FO&O "Gotta Thing About You"

They once were on the top spot on the bets to win the competition. Not anymore… but it can change. The 3 boys are members of the biggest boyband in Sweden at the moment, that has even selling out tickets for their show on the Globe Arena, the same one the Eurovision was hosted in 2000 and 2016. Their song takes us back into something similar to the Backstreetboys and N’sync songs. It’s a slow midtempo pop song, but being a slow song doens’t mean that we won’t see a choreography on the stage. Dancing is one of the specialities of the group, and they will surprise us with something really cool. I won’t tell what it is, so you’ll need to watch the Melodifestivalen to see it!


The third semifinal for the Swedish selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcasted by SVT at 20pm CET time