Latvia - Nathan Mountford



We are nearly there! The Semi Final is over. Congratulations to The Ludvig, Santa, Triana Park and My Radiant You.

A few costume/hair changes and some better performances but that’s about all folks. By the third time it will be hard to impress! Whomever wins, I hope they can come up with something more impressive for Eurovision.

Here is my overview of the live performances:

1 Linda Leen “Who Is In Charge”

No doubt Linda is a strong performer, easily the best of the Semi. If she comes back next year with a more modern song, look out!

2 The Ludvig “I’m In Love With You”

I’m not sure that he has improved much from his first performance. Seriously, what else can you do with this song?

3 Franco Franco “Up”

The atmosphere of this song really changed. I think it just proves they have no direction for this performance and therefore it was the end of the line for Franco Franco.

4 Santa Danelevica “Your Breath”


I think she really performed this well. Her change of outfit gave the song more weight although I’m not sure about the flowers! I think with the current lineup of ballads this won’t win. If the Latvian final was earlier, it could have.

5 Lauris Valters “Magic Years”

This will never be a modern song nor a contemporary performance. Every part of it is daggy! Thank you Latvia (I couldn’t bare it another time)!


6 Triana Park “Line”

They looked like they were enjoying it more this time and it made me enjoy it more too. Realistically I’m not sure how this would go if selected - tracks like this often don’t even make the final. Deserves credit for being the most modern of the bunch.

7 Miks Dukurs “Spiritual Priest”

The added vocals really made a difference but probably could have been used even more. Not sure if they distracted from the focus on him but I liked them. He didn’t improve from the heat and this position probably hurt his chances of qualifying.

8 My Radiant You “All I Know”

I don’t think this performance changed at all from the heat. I do however think this is the most appropriate song to send to Eurovision. It has a broad appeal, it’s enjoyable and anyone can sing along.

Supernova 2017 has probably always been a two horse race. But this year in ‘Eurovision World’ things seem unpredictable. I think either of these two would be a good choice. If it’s one of ‘the others’, we may not really remember Latvia’s 2017 entry and it will definitely become a year of ballads.