Slovenia - Sevket Yigit


EMA Slovenia 2017 final line up is complete and we have 8 finalists for February 24,2017.Here is my review of the songs and the artists in the order of my rating.

Number 8-Tim Kores- Open fire

This song is all about visual gimmicks. A mediocre song .He definitely has abysmal vocals desperately trying to distract the audience with all kinds of visual effects of fire, flames and explosions. Drums in flames? Burning piano had no success in the past, for the record.

Number 7-Sell out- Ni panike

Athena from Turkey brought the best of Ska to the Eurovision stage in 2004 and I am not sure if we need another ska song unless it is way better than its predecessor. Artists freeze on stage for quite a long time very close to the end of the song but this is what they say in Slovenian “Ni Panike”, in other words “ No panic”. I think this is a futile attempt to be memorable.

Number 6- King Foo-Wild ride

Here is what she is trying to say." I am a Slovenian woman who wants to be Tina Turner". Too much finger flicking, kneeling and squatting on stage. She has that scratchy, chain smoker voice but quite likable. Song is close to contemporary and has rock highlights.

Number 5- Nika Zorjan-Fse

A modern Balkan sound, not the best of its genre. This gave me "Been there ,done that" feeling . It would only appeal to its fan base. Honestly I found it quite boring.

Number 4- Nuška Drašček – Flower in the Snow

Finland is already sending a darkest of the darkest songs which is actually very well done so do we need another one in 2017? There's a lady on stage in a black dress with demonic earrings.  She has outstanding vocals starting from milder tones up to full throttle scream fest .Am I really understanding these lyrics correct? " Feel the silent pain in these loveless veins"??

Number 3-BQL- Heart of gold

This would be a song that Denmark would send in a heartbeat. It is likeEmmelie De Forest has two Slovenian twin brothers. Even the song is like   "Only teardrops" deja vu. Boys are more than satisfying vocally. Song is a blend of Balkan, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors. Dark horse.

Number 2-Raven- Zažarim

Did Aminata from Latvia write this song?  Very contemporary feel. Raven is very sexy, charismatic and vocally very strong. The mysterious opening with an harp, simple but effective lighting are uplifting. Somewhat repetitive and boring at times from the musical standpoint. The focus is on Raven herself and this is smart.

 Number 1-Omar Naber -On my way

 Well this is Omar Naber. His voice is quite strong as usual and no surprise there. The song is a typical cliche Eurovision song with a slow start, key changes, high notes, you name it. And the lyrics like "World is calling now tonight, telling me I'll be alright " is a cherry on the top. Poland 2016 formula all over again and it works on most brains including mine.

 My guess is : it is Raven -if they are looking for a change- or Omar Naber- if they want to play safe-. BQL -if they want something youthful and fresh -or Tim Kores -if they fall for gimmicks-may surprise you. You can watch all the performances at EMA Evrovizija YouTube channel. Let me know your favorite and your guess for the victory.