Slovenia - Sevket Yigit

He was only 24 years old when he represented Slovenia at ESC 2005 in Kiev. At age 35, Omar Naber is now a seasoned artist returning back to Kiev in 2017.

It was a real disappointment when he failed to qualify for final in 2005 with his song          " Stop". Voting system was solely tele-voting and Slovenia must have been unfairly left alone among other Balkan countries.

There comes a second chance in 2017 for this talented artist whose father is Jordanian and mother is Slovenian. That is most likely where his name Omar is coming from.

He was EMA hopeful three other times in 2009, 2011 and 2014 with no successful outcomes but this year is his year again.

His song "On my way" will probably have mixed reviews all along. Some will really love it and some will really hate it. It is a classic but also antiquated ballad written based on an overused formula. He sells it quite nicely with his powerful vocals. He is very playful with his voice cruising along a spectrum of different notes all throughout the song, hitting a perfect high note at the end. I am predicting a destiny similar to Poland 2016 for him. All I can say is, Eurovision fairies are calling me tonight, telling me he will be all right :-)