Latvia - Nathan Mountford



Supernova 2017 has come to an end with Triana Park victorious.

Initially when I started to review the Supernova I found many of the songs were similar. But now it has come to an end I can appreciate their differences. Compared to other national selections, I feel Latvia had a diverse and modern selection. They had songs that appealed to all age groups and demographics. In the end I believe they chose something that represents them as a country that is creative and progressive. Reflecting the theme of this years contest.

 Here is my overview of the live performances:

 1 Santa Danelevica “Your Breath”

I think she performed this knowing that it was very unlikely she would win. I feel it was the weakest performance she gave during the live shows. This song has grown on me and I wouldn’t have minded if it was chosen. Although I think all the strong divas already chosen would have eaten her alive!


2 The Ludvig “I’m In Love With You”

This was also his weakest performance. It’s a shame because young people have so much to learn and should be open to growing during a process like this. A great suit, new glasses and some attitude would have helped!

3 My Radiant You “All I Know”

These guys have been fairly consistent throughout all the live shows. I think this was his best vocal performance as it was a little more restrained. I still believe this would have faired better at Eurovision as it probably appeals to a larger audience (especially age groups). Maybe they should have mixed things up during the various shows. They should do well commercially regardless of this loss.

4 Triana Park “Line”

You can tell the crowd love these guys so I’m so glad they won. It also brings something different to Eurovision, which is needed at this point! I hope they really bring it in May. The risk is that they will look amateur or shrink on a large stage. They’ll need to work on vocals and bigger everything (costumes/hair/neon)! Good luck Latvia.