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 Heat 1 of Supernova 2017 is this Sunday (February 5). GET EXCITED! 11 entries will compete for 4 spots in the Semi Final. Two spots will be filled by the most popular songs. Two additional songs voted by the jury (Joy Deb, Petri Mannonen, Matthias Miller and Fružina Zepa). The show will be broadcast from LTV Studio 6, Riga.

 Songs can be streamed via Spotify and you can vote! Check out the videos and my initial reactions to each song in Part 1 of my coverage. 

Below are my opinions of each song and predictions for the first heat. Studio versions are often great, but will the artists ‘shine’ or ‘snuff out’ on stage?

Who Is In Charge: Interesting song with a fantastic video. Most songs will suffer from being first but if she creates a memorable visual this wouldn’t be forgettable. Slightly dated sound but has a good message. I hope Linda Leen rocks it!

Blood Runs Quicker: This is probably the most likeable song of this heat. It may not stand out, especially with Rage Love being directly after (they are similar when played together). It will depend on Katrina’s vocals. Many of the better songs in other nationals have failed for not presenting themselves as confident singers! Even if it doesn’t get through I’ll continue to listen to it.

Rage Love: Great to see Anna’s new video adding some personality and style to this song. I think it’s a good club track. I’m not sure her pronunciation is up to scratch through. This will rest in the hands of the public. Will you vote for it?

Magic Years: Oh Lauris! When I listen to this song, I never know what to say! It marches to its own beat. Your parents would love it! If it qualifies I’ll put it down to pure luck.

We Are Angels: This one is perfect for Eurovision. Perhaps cliché but with a sincere message that anyone can relate to. Should stand out after Magic Years. Hopefully Edgars will overcome his pronunciation live and perform strong vocals. Should be easy to stage (lots of smoke, wings on a large screen)!

Naked: I really enjoy the beat of this song. It’s repetitive which may turn people off. From the video I get the impression First Question will be performed confidently. Hopefully there will be lots of movement on screen, possible backing dancers or with props.

Spiritual Priest: This song grows on you and I think Miks Dukurs will be a solid performer but does it stand out? In this heat, probably. Is it a top 4? We’ll see.

U (Can Keep Your Cools): Nothing about this song convinces me that people will vote for it. In various poles it is last or close to. Fairly flat and nothing inspiring. Rap generally does very poor at Eurovision. Confident it won’t qualify. Sorry Pikaso.

Escape: Although I like its modern feel, this song is slightly jarring. High on the treble. Will Crime Sea sound good live? They look like creative ‘left of centre’ performers so at least they’ll stand out.

Up by Franco Franco: I find this song too repetitive but so are many other songs in this heat. Vocally it doesn’t appear difficult, so it should be a solid performance. Hard to imagine how Franco Franco will create interest visually. It needs something spectacular to be memorable.

Feel The Love: Another Eurovision friendly song. Will Rock’n’Berries succeed or flop? Totally depends on how convincing they are on the night. Are people over these types of songs? or will they live on? I personally like this song because we all need some energy and positive vibes! Good way to finish the show.

This is the weaker of the heats and should therefore be easier to predict qualifiers. But nothing is predictable in Eurovision! And that’s why we all love it. I’ve read reviews, watched videos and followed polls but will I predict the qualifiers? The difficulty is; I have no idea how they will perform live. The hardest part is separating my own views from what I think the popular vote to be. Everyone will have an opinion and here’s mine:


Blood Runs Quicker by Katrina Cirule

Feel The Love by Rock’n’Berries



We Are Angels by Edgars Kreilis

Spiritual Priest by Miks Dukurs



 Escape by Crime Sea

Up by Franco Franco

Stay tuned for my reactions and review of the live show in Part 3.