Sweden - Eduardo Lobo

Melodifestivalen - Heat 1

It’s almost time to another selective process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 kick off. This time for Sweden!

The Melodifestivalen is one of the most watched programs on the country and among the eurofans around the world too.

On the first heat, more than half of the names are returnees, including someone who’s already won the competition twice. But this doesn't mean anything, most of the hype for this heat are on the newcomers, as they have sent great songs for the competition.

Boris René - "Her Kiss"

Even placing 10th on last year’s Melodifestivalen, Put You Love On me was a large successand finally launched him on his musical career (he was a football player before). And he wants to reach higher heights with “Her Kiss”. Some aspects of last year continues on the 2017 performance, lots of dancing, fun and a nice likeable song.

Adrijana - "Amare"

Amare is a song that we haven’t seen on the previous years, just because is a song performed in Swedish by a female rapper. Adrijana wrote the song herself and said that it was a hit just after finishing it. And maybe it would be! Some people were impressed with the quality of the song and the performance, that will include some ballerinas (with tutu’s and everything) and lots of red lights and graphic effects.

Dinah Nah - "One More Night"

She made her debut on the swedish selective in 2015, when she made everyone on the clubs, and homes, dance to “Make Me (La La La)”. The pink-haired lady is back with another electropop song, this time a bit calmer, but expect to dance (and hair whipping) a lot with “One More Night” this year too, as Dinah is joined by 6 female dances on stage, pink, blue and yellow graphics and an ending that everyone will love.

De Vet Du - "Road Trip"

This four guys are a comedy group that went famous in Sweden on the past years with their parody songs on YouTube. Kids love them, their fathers too, just like Sean Banan and Samir & Viktor. The song, as it is named, is about a “Roadtrip” and going for a ride with friends. For the performance, expect lots of camera and editing work. Oh, and of course there will be a car on the stage, because how can you do a roadtrip without a car?

Charlotte Perrelli - "Mitt liv"

She won Melodifestivalen and represented Sweden twice on Eurovision, on the first time, in 1999, winning the contest with “Take Me To Your Heaven”. After that, with a career based on uptempo and schlager songs she decided to change. “Mitt liv” is a traditional song. A ballad in swedish language about her life throughout this years and about being fragile. So, don’t expect lots of effects, pyros and dance routines on this one. Charlotte will be alone on the stage, with her guitar and lots of smoke on the ground, looking gorgeous as always. 

Ace Wilder - "Wild Child"

She almost represented Sweden in 2014, when the difference between her “Busy Doin Nothin” and Sanna Nilsen’s “Undo” was only by 2 points. Last year she placed 3rd on Melodifestivalen with “Don’t Worry”, another fan favourite. And she is expected to go directly to the final this year too!
For 2017, she decided to go on a different way, the song is a midtempo pop song with some tropical influences. Ace said that she’ll bring the jungle to the stage of the Swedish selection, after all, she’s a “Wild Child”. Ace always want to deliver an awesome performance, so, expect lot’s of dancing on this one.

Nano - “Hold On”

Last year he went famous with the radio, and Spotify, hit “Lion”, and nothing more special happened since then. When announced, some people wondered why he’s performing last on this heat, one of the most famous spots to perform, the same as Loreen in 2012.

When the snippets came out, all the favoritism went to Nano’s song, a drum’n’bass song which he wants to give a message of hope and positivity to the people.

The performance will be strong, Nano will be on stage with his backing vocals on one side and a single dancer on the other. Since the song has some variations of tempo, expect lots of lights on this part of the show.

The first Melodifestivalen semifinal will be broadcasted by the Swedish channel SVT this Saturday, 04, and everyone outside Sweden can watch it by their SVT Player. The show starts at 20 CET time.