Latvia - Nathan Mountford



Well the first show is over and what a surprise!

Four qualifiers but who voted for who? We may never know! Well done to Miks, Lauris, Franco Franco & Linda.

Also, a Spotify scandal! My view; Onstage an artist’s performance and even appearance can change your opinion of a song. We all know a weak Eurovision performance plummets rankings - no matter how popular the song/artist is before the competition.

Prediction conundrum; Not having rehearsals to watch. A big disadvantage for anyone! Also, not having the correct running order. I think this impacted on who I thought would qualify (not that I’m making excuses, my predictions were pathetic)!

Here is my overview and the live performances:

1 Katrina Cirule “Blood Runs Quicker”

Love the song, she looks great and sang well. I’m not the only one disappointed this didn’t make it through. I must admit, it is lacking something.

2 Miks Dukurs “Spiritual Priest”


Solid performance, as predicted. No surprises here. Personally it’s not one of my favourites but he does it justice and it’s good live.

3 Anna Zankovska “Rage Love”

Surprised she included a band, not that I minded it, as it created interest. This is also missing something. I feel this song is lacking personality.

4 Edgars Kreilis “We Are Angels”

Must admit I am disappointed by this performance because it’s a good song. The dancers/backing vocalists make it look amateur. He would have been better by himself. Cute though!

5 Crime Sea “Escape”

Wow. I probably enjoyed this the most. Surprised it didn’t get into the semi. It does look slightly amateur but is easily the most interesting - for the right reasons!

6 Rock’n’Berries “Feel The Love”

Nothing wrong with this performance. It would have been better if the camera/lighting focused on all of the band members, not just the vocalist.

7 Lauris Valters “Magic Years”

Need to bite my tongue! Ok, visually it looks good, better than I imagined. But the song! I guess some people never change (in reference to all the previous, bad Latvian Eurovision entries)!

8 First Question “Naked”

Really! This is just weird! I really liked the song, before I saw this.

9 Franco Franco “Up”

I’m not surprised this went through. I think it feels very aspirational. There is plenty of room for growth. I want to love it, but I just don’t.

10 Pikaso “U (Can Keep Your Cools)”

I actually don’t mind this! He’s a good performer. It’s the chorus that sounds dated.

11 Linda Leen “Who Is In Charge”

She was easily the best performer on the night. The backing singers and staging/movement enhance the song. The lighting works well. Needs a little more to make it great.

Well done to LTV for a good Heat 1. The set looks clean and modern. The focus is on the song, then the performer/s. The lighting is great and camera work creates interest.

I think I’ll change my outlook for Heat 2! Can’t wait.