Greece - Phill Beames

Greek national selection

Having already chosen Demy as the representing artist by internal selection, March 6th was the night the Greek public chose which of her three songs would go to Kiev.

This year the winner was chosen by 70% audience televote and 30% jury composed of members of the Greek diaspora from 9 different countries. Members of the Greek communities of Belgium, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Armenia, Italy, Australia, Austria and Ukraine formed the jury.

The broadcast itself showed the three official video clips of the songs, interspersed with commentary by hosts (actor Antonis Loudaros and station journalist Elena Bouzali), the composer (Dimitris Kontopoulos) and choreographer for her stage performances (Fokas Eveangelinos).

Guest performances from this years’ competitors Hovig of Cyprus and Sunstroke Project of Moldova were accompanied by messages of encouragement and well-wishes from Sakis Rouvas (Greece 2004 & 2009), Ani Lorak (Ukraine 2008), Helena Paparizou (Greek winner 2005) and Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016).

The three songs presented were “Angel”, “This is Love” and “When the Morning Comes Around”. All three clips were filmed in both Kiev and Athens.

Angels is about overcoming adversity and how even Angels fall sometimes and pick themselves back up. The film clip was strange with a little girl seemingly representing an angel that calms situations including reconciling a couple in a seemingly abusive relationship and saving a kid from being bullied and beaten up. An entirely strange clip and a standard ballad.

This is Love is an upbeat dance song. The film clip appears to be trying to emulate Schindler’s List with all black and white except for a red dress. Not sure whether that is meant to be significant or not but the faces of a large variety of people is seemingly important. The lyrics are a bit of a mystery with the chorus seemingly being lines that simply rhyme without any logic:

“This is love
Rain falls from above
Can you feel the love?
Everywhere this is love”

Ummm….  What?!

When the Morning Comes Around sounds like an uplifting power ballad, turns out its about being devastated about a breakup… The film clip features some interesting fashion and a whole lot of forlorn looks but is a good song to listen to.

This is Love was the clear winner receiving 8 out of 9 of the diaspora vote and 70% total vote.

It should be a fun dance anthem for the week but not sure it’s a winner.

All three clips can be watched at