Azerbaijan - Michele Acott

Diana Hajiyeva, known more commonly by her stage name Dihaj (made from taking the first letters of her first and surname) has just released her song for Eurovision 2017.

Dihaj was born on 13 June 1989, lives in Baku and was chosen by internal selection in December last year.

Her song “Skeletons” was written by Isa Melikov and Sandra Bjurman, who both worked with Ell & Nikki in 2011. Sandra Bjurman also co-wrote “Hour of the Wolf” for Elnur in 2015 and “Drip Drop” for Safura in 2010 – so she’s well experienced and should know her stuff.

The film clip is dark and moody and shows Dihaj singing to camera in a diner, wandering around in a forest with televisions hanging from trees and contemplating her hands in the back seat of a car. To be honest, I’m not sure what it all means or what it’s got to do with skeletons.

It’s a very contemporary style of song that starts promising and builds nicely when it reaches the chorus. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this song on the radio - it doesn’t seem typical Eurovision to me.

Dihaj can certainly sing well, she has her own edgy style and an interesting appeal – she’s not a cookie-cutter Eurovision girl with flowing hair and a pretty dress.

Dihaj will perform in the first half of semi-final 1.

Could we be back in Baku in 2018?  hmmmmm….. I don’t think so, but Azerbaijan hasn’t missed a final since it commenced Eurovision in 2008 and I certainly don’t think it will miss the final this year.