Czech Republic - David Kilmartin

Martina Bárta – Czech Republic

Martina Bárta will represent Czech Republic at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

Martina is a 28-year-old Czech jazz singer who was born on September 1st 1988.  She also plays the French horn and was part of the jazz band ‘4 To The Bar’.  Martina is based in Berlin, Germany.

Martina was internally selected by the Czech national broadcaster CT to represent Czech Republic.  The nation’s broadcaster put out on open call for song entries where five songs were short listed.  The song “My Turn” (written by the British team of Kyler Niko and DWB Music Ltd) was chosen as Martina felt this particular song was the best match for her style.

“My Turn” is a beautiful ballad which showcases Martina’s classic-style vocals.  The piano is used to great effect throughout the song.  Martina is singing about how it’s her turn to look after her partner when they are in difficult times, reflecting upon how her partner looked after her when she was going through similar times.  Martina’s voice is full of sincerity and I believe every word she is saying as she walks through a diverse group of people all dressed in their underwear as they support or are supported by others.  This is tastefully done and helps to make the song even more touching and believable. 

Czech Republic qualified for a Eurovision Grand Final for the very first time last year with an entry that fully deserved to be there.  It seems they are determined to build on that success from last year and make it to the final again this year by delivering another quality classy entry.  Personally, I hope they can do it again.    

Martina will perform in the second half of the 1st Semi Final on Tuesday May 9th.