Spain - Luis Omar Chong Lopez

Spain Preselection

Last February 11th  was held the Objetivo Eurovision, Spain National final; which promised to be spectacular after last year Barei's disappointing result at the ESC.

The show commenced with several technical issues, including that it was not able to be played on the RTVE official website or any other link. A true mess for the fans out of Spain.

A medley of Eurovision past songs like Euphoria, Rise like a Phoenix and Amanecer opened the curtain to the show, which leaded only 1.499.000 viewers.

Starting with Manel Navarro. " Do it for your lover"  simple english / spanishsong joined for beach clips on the stage, not so bad but very plain and repetitive for Eurovision.

Following Leklein,"Ouch" Lekleinwas the winner of the Eurocasting a type of online Swiss format used on the last years . Leklein singing solely on stage a powerful song entirely in English and inspired on a love breaking. Very well performance and delivery on stage.

 Paula Rojo with "Lo que nunca fue" a pop song with country arrangements, Paulawas joined withher band and presented a very sweet song. A different option for Eurovision.

Mario Jefferson sung " Spin my head" another english / spanish song, Mario was joined by 4 dancer on stage, highly appreciated to see a choreography after the three first songs.

Maika Barbero with " Momento Critico" pure rock song, amazing voice and performancebut unfortunately so underrated by the juries.

Finally Mirela, trying for the third time to get the passport to Eurovision with the song " Contigo", a latin rythms which was the most supported on the studio by the public.

A very well performance of Mirela which invited us to dance with her "baila la la la"

The voting started giving the lowest juries scores to Mirela, and the highest to Manel Navarro; after received the televoting results Mirela and Manel were tied but unfortunately the juries had the power to decidewho would represent Spain at Eurovision and obviously they chose Manel. A true Euro drama for this preselection show.