Bulgaria - Nikke Allen

Kristian Kostov will represent Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

He was born in Moscow, on 15 March 2000, which makes him the youngest competitor in this year's Eurovision.  His father is Bulgarian, and his mother is from Kazakhstan.  First of all, Kristian participated in the Russian children's version of "The Voice", and got through to the finals.   His mentor there was Dima Bilan.

He then auditioned for X Factor Bulgaria Season 4, and made it to the final, eventually coming second.

On 7 October 2016 his debut single "Ne si za men" was released by Virginia Records, and reached #13 in the Bulgarian charts.

His song for Eurovision,  "Beautiful Mess"  was written by
Borislav Milanov, Sebastian, and Joacim Bo Persson, all of whom were part of last year’s writing team for Poli Genova's   "If Love Was A Crime."   

"Beautiful Mess" is a ballad which has ethno nuancesparticularly at the beginning and end, and they add depth and colour to the song.   Kristian's voice suits perfectly the sensitivity of the ballad, and the lyrics are forward-looking and ultimately hopeful.

Good luck in Kyiv, Bulgaria!