Norway - Chris Zeiher

Norway – JOWST – “Grab the Moment”      

Strålende…Norway’s #discoface is off to Kiev!   JOWST’s “Grab the Moment” lived up to their promise and did just that surprising a few of the more fancied contenders at Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix to grab a ticket to the Ukraine.  

Electropop is a mainstay of the charts throughout Scandinavia and JOWST’s “Grab the Moment” is a fabulous example of this style with its accessible rapped verse and slick chorus.  Chuck in a mildly creepy LED light masked music master and some lurid hot pink overlays to accompany the chorus and you’ve got a cool gimmick that avoids the kitsch.    

JOWST secured the highest portion of the Norwegian televote during the super-final (which was determined 100% by the voting public) and the lads will find themselves performing in the second semi-final in Kiev.   

Contemporary, accessible and visually arresting – pop your nerves in the coffin kids we could be off to Oslo in 2018!