Moldova - Alexandru Badea

Moldova – Sunstroke Project Hey Mamma

Hello 2017. This is 2010. We would like to have our Epic Sax Guy back. Okay? This is Moldova Calling and after a national selection thats seen so many withdrawals, we finally have a winner, namely Sunstroke Project (this time, however, without Olga Tira). The chip dance anthem Hey Mamma will represent Moldova at the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest. Now, dont jump on me, but their entry from this year does not even come close to their masterpiece from 2010. But, oh, this is maybe only my opinion.

Sunstroke Project won O Melodie Pentru Europa 2017 after a nerve-wracking voting session. Firstly, the jury awarded its points and Sunstroke Project ended up on the second place with 10 points, Moldova using the traditional Eurovision marking scheme. The top 2 entries, namely Ethnologischen Republic and Sunstroke Project were consistent with the viewers, but in reverse order, which led, ultimately, to a tie between the aforementioned entries. Now, what was there to be done? Remember my previous article in which I covered the songs from O Melodie Pentru Europa 2017? Well I mentioned there, that, in the case of a tie, the youngest member of the jury would decide the entry which goes to Kyiv (Ive said it before and Im saying it once again: yes, this was an actual rule!). And guess what happened? Sunstroke Project won the title and won the Moldovan ticket.

Now something about the band: Sunstroke Project was formed in 2008 and tried to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest both in 2008 and 2009, but found no success, whatsoever. In 2010 the group finally managed to represent for the first time Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest alongside Olia Tira. It was after the 2010 contest that saxophonist Sergey Stepanov became a YouTube sensation known all over the world as the Epic Sax Guy. The video of him performing at the contest went viral and has been watched millions of times. In July 2012 Sunstroke Project and were awarded 13 gold and 4 silver medals in the international contest World Star in Hollywood. In August 2015 the group started their own music label, Ragoza Music, and released the song Not Giving It Up. Ragoza Music quickly became the biggest independent label in Moldova and you may remember the horrible logo of the label on Lidia Isaac single artwork from last year.