Israel - Marcus Davey

Israeli National Selection - Eurovision 2017

So, after nearly one and a half months of Israel’s TV show Next Star for Eurovision started (also known as Rising Star), the winner has been selected.

The way that the selections work is the audience votes on their phones and the judges vote.  The artists are behind a screen until their votes reach a certain percentage (it seems to be 75%).  After this the screen comes up and the audience is revealed to the artists.  I’m not quite sure what happens if they don’t meet the 75% 

On the final night, there were four finalists competing for the title or next star for Eurovision (I’ve included the links of some of the performances they made throughout the contest from the Eurovision world website)

Beatbox Element

I liked all the pitch perfect movies, and this group was good, but just not sure strong enough for Eurovision


The two solo women in the finals have amazing voices.  Julietta’s voice has a certain sweetness to it which I really appreciate.

 Diana Golbi

As I said above the two solo women have amazing voices.  Diana’s was sultrier and hurt but also very very amazing

Imri Ziv – The winner

I really feel for the audience on this show.  It was very close between Diana, Julietta and Imri for me. Imri was great especially with his performance of Edge of Glory.

And the winner was Imri.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what song he will be singing in Kiev