Austria - Michaela Sowden

Austrian Nathan Trent has finally released his song for Eurovision. Called“ Running on air” , it was supposed to be released on the 28th February, but was leaked earlier by Spotify.. Nathan composed the song in collaboration with Bernhard Penzias.

It has a simple, catchy  tune, is not a ballad and does showcase his voice.  The song has a folksy, soul sound  as to be expected. It is cheerful and playful, and not too long, finishes at 2.48. It is different from the current songs that have been released. Nathan himself says it reflects his Pop / RnB roots.

Do I like it? Yes I do, hoping it will do well. He does have a lot to live up to, as last years Zoe did become the crowd pleaser. I will be playing this song, not just because of my Austrian background, and will be packing that dirndl in support. The good thing is that Australia is in a different semi. If it is a clash between Austria and Australia , I will be supporting Nathan, sorry fellow Australians, his song is more my taste.

Will it make to the finals- I do hope so. In fact would love to see this new comer make it to the top ten, but that will be in the hands of the Gods called the jury and audience.