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After competing on Melodifestivalen, Robin Bengtsson was chosen the representative act for Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. 

At the final, he beat both Wiktoria, the odds and streaming services favourite, and Nano, who won the public televote.


Who is Robin Bengtsson?


He rose to fame in 2008, when getting the third place at the Swedish version of the reality show Idol, the same year as the first place went to Kevin Borg, who’s still trying to represent Malta, his native country, and the runner-up was Alice Svensson, who failed to qualify at this years Melodifestivalen. Also, on the same season of Idol, placing fifth, wasone of the most polemic acts of the Swedish history on the contest, Anna Bergendahl.

After Idol, he released a couple of songs, most of them using “B Robin” as a artistic name, it didn’t last too much as he came back with his original name at 2016’s edition of the Swedish selection with “Constellation Prize”. The song placed fifth on the Melodifestivalen final and ranked second at the Swedish Music Charts.

Now, for the second time competing, we got the gold ticket to the Eurovision stage in Kiev with “I Can’t Go On”.


The Song

“I Can’t Go On” is a modern uptempo pop song with some influences from the 90’s. We can say that because one of the composers and producers of it, David Kreuger,  worked at the Cheiron Studios, responsible for a huge amount of hits on those years, which includes the debut album of Britney Spears. He’s also one of the composers of the 2014 swedish entry, Undo, by Sanna Nielsen. Another name on the songwriting team is Robin Stjernberg, the swedish representative on the 2013 Eurovision.

The main subject of the lyrics basically is the sudden desire of a person. This was accompanied by one of the most solid performances on the Melodifestivalen final.

Robin used treadmills for a walking effect, as the dancers done some tricks with them as well. Since the swedish entries do not change too much the winning performances, we may see almost the same thing in Kiev, on the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.