Thank you to everyone who nominated a song to be considered for our entry in the OGAE Song Contest. Unfortunately, many of the songs did not meet the entry criteria (mostly due to their release date). We are left with five tracks to decide between. The songs are:

1 - thank u, next - Ariana Grande (USA)

2 - Please – Saro (USA)

3 - Welcome to the Show – Necrofilia (San Marino)

4 - Shallow - Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper (USA)

5 - Hello Happiness - Chaka Khan (USA)

In the form below we ask that you nominate one song to receive 5 points (your fav song), one to get 3 points, and one to get 1 point. Voting will be open until Noon CET on 25 August. Please use the form below to vote.

In terms of membership number - Please use your cardskipper member number. If you are new and have not yet been given a link to cardskipper please write ‘new’. If you are a Satellite member, please write ‘Satellite’.

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