Activities in Tel Aviv

Hello Fanclubbers! Below you will find the official expression of interest for Tel Aviv Activities. This is particularly important to be able to organise bookings, so if you are going to be in Tel Aviv and would like to join in on club activities and tours, please say so below!

In Addition, this year we are proposing a group chat through one of the various messenger services available. If you are interested in opting into this, please also indicate this below.

I will keep this open until the end of the week, after which I will see what level of interest there is for each thing and provide details accordingly.


Expression of interest:

Name *
Arrival Date
Arrival Date
Please indicate your arrival date (if willing to do so) to better accommodate activity requests.
Activities *
Indicate which of these you would be interested in undertaking in Tel Aviv. Select as many as you are interested in
Group Messenger Options *
For those willing, I offer to set up a Group Message service while in Tel Aviv. I have listed the options below.
Let me know if you have further information, requests or suggestions.