Love Is A Beautiful Song

In 1970 a song called LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL SONG went to number 1 – the composer said in an interview the word LOVE is the most used word in a song titles so he wanted to do such a song. I think if we scan the titles of Eurovision entries over 61 years, the word LOVE will also win hands down, so let us look over the next month at 21 songs from Eurovision with the word LOVE in the title. I have picked 21 songs with LOVE in the title from 21 different countries and we will discuss it over the next month.
On the forum I will publish the cover of the selected song from my PROMO singles and you as forum users will have the chance to give some feedback – whether you like the song, hate it, what it means to you, if it has ever played a role in your love life etc. You then also rate the song on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 meaning you loathe it, 10 meaning you LOVE it).
Once all 21 love songs have been published, we will add up the points and see which is the MOST LOVED LOVE SONG.
To get us started please join us on the forum and suggest up to 5 songs with LOVE in the title that you think I have chosen. Remember there is just one per country so even if one country has 7 songs with LOVE in the title, I have picked just one. Also not all 21 songs are in ENGLISH, there are a few who have LOVE in their native language. A clue – the majority of songs are post 1990 – actually I do not think I have used any song pre-1990 because the pictures are all from CD covers and not VINYL covers.