2019 Ticket List

We have completed the #2019Points tally and have transferred this to the ticket list, which means it is now prioritized in order. You can view it here.

If you are on the ticket list, can you please check the points table and ensure your points tally is correct. If you do not believe it is, please email us at contact@ogaerotw.com - it is important you email and do not contact a board member directly. The work on the points opportunities was shared, so we all have the detailed records for different points opportunities. If you email we can direct your query to the correct board member for those points for a response. The points list is very difficult to read on a phone due to it's size, so please check it on a tablet or laptop.

If you are on the ticket list and no longer plan to travel to Israel, please also email us so that we can remove your name.

We all need to manage our expectations on how many packages may be available. The arena is much smaller than previous years, so if packages are made available to OGAE it is highly unlikely that we would get enough to enable everyone on the list to purchase one.