New Membership Portal

The Rest of the World team have been working hard behind the scenes to make some changes to how you become or renew you membership for our 2020 membership year. From today, when you click on membership you will be taken to our new membership portal.

What is the biggest change that you will notice? That will be the price and currency. In order to use this software we had to make the decision to change our membership fees from Euro to British Pounds. We have however also reduced the amount in real terms (4 Pounds converts to a roughly 10% reduction in the membership price on today’s exchange rate from the current 5 Euro). We have been able to reduce costs given the costs of the e-membership cards are lower than the old physical ones and we no longer have the costs associated with the renewal stickers.

So besides reduced membership fees, what are the benefits to you from this new system?

  • you will now receive an automated email letting you know that your payment and details have been received (no more waiting for us to manually provide that!)

  • you will be able to log into the membership portal at any time and check your membership details

  • you will be able to login and change or update your details as needed

  • you will now have a choice of paying via PayPal or credit card

  • joining/renewing will now be a one step process as opposed to the old version which required you to submit the form and then proceed to the payment step

  • when you renew in future you will need only pay the renewal fee and will not need to re-enter your details each year (please note, the first time you use the system you will need to register your email address and set a password)

  • Satellite and Molitva members will be able to upgrade their membership through the portal if they choose, rather than reapplying

On our end it will help us manage your information more efficiently. It will assist us to transfer new member information to cardskipper easily, and provides us with improved features to communicate with you all. Going forward we are hoping to build in some features to assist with important tasks like the ticket list.

If you have any feedback on the new system please let us know by sending an email to - if anyone is having issues we would love to hear as early as possible so that we can fix them for others.