OGAE Video Contest 2019

Entries are currently open for the OGAE Video Contest. Much like the Song Contest, we will open it up for members to nominate videos and then we will have a vote to decide which video will represent us. Please provide video nominations in the comments on this blog post (please note - you need to open this post by clicking the title to access comments). Nominations will close Noon CET on 12 September.

The rules are as follows:

  1. They were released in actual or in previous year (so the video must have been released AFTER 01/01/2018).

  2. The song cannot be a remix

  3. The performance is a video of the song and not an extract from a concert performance.

  4. It didn’t represent country at the ESC, OGAE SCC or at the OGAE SC

  5. The performer of the song must have the nationality of the OGAE club he/she is performing for. If the performer is a group, at least 1 of the members must have the nationality of the country he/she is representing.

  6. It does not last more than 5 minutes