Welcome to our brand new website

Welcome everyone!


If you are reading this, then we finally have our brand, shiny, new website for OGAE Rest of the World (ROW) up and running! We want this to be a place where you can come and interact with other Eurovision fans from all around the world.

I know you've heard us say it before, but our members come from all corners. We have people in Argentina and Australia, the United Stated and United Arab Emirates, Canada and Chile, Peru and Papua New Guinea. In fact, in 2016, we have members from 35 different countries!

So, what can you do here in our new home on the internet? Let me show you around...

You can check out some of the great entries our members have submitted for the Lonely Planet competition we have been running. There are some great stories in there of first Eurovisions, aviation chaos and it turns out we even have a poet in out midst!

We have our brand new Forum. Come, sign up, and start chatting with others from within the club. This forum is a great step forward for us as a group. Whilst we have loved interacting with everyone on Facebook, we do have a few non-Facebookers in our group, and we wanted somewhere more inclusive for members to interact. We will still do announcements on Facebook, and let you know when there is something new to see here, but we'd really like to shift the conversations over the forum.

For those who are not a member yet, we have pulled all the information you need to sign up for membership in one place. As they say - the more the merrier.

For those that are already members, we have set up a page to let you know the current opportunities to earn points. Our hope is that this will make it easier for members to find points opportunities and encourage greater participation. You can also check how close you are to that ticket list with the 2017 points table.

We have a number of spaces on website that are still a work in progress. We are pulling together a page dedicated to our members in Latin America that will provide content in Spanish. We also have a dedicated page for our South African fans, who are our single biggest country group. We also have a dedicated page containing membership information for our Russian speaking members. Over time, we will be expanding these pages to develop one for each region of the world represented by our members (so watch this space!).

We will also be updating our 2017 entries page once we start getting more information on national finals and participants, and some travel information on the host city once that is announced.

We always welcome our members getting involved, so if you have a story you'd like to contribute to our website - or even a great idea for a page that we forgot to include - please contact us at - we would love to hear from you.

The OGAE Rest of the World Board

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