Memories of Kiev Competition


We had a number of great entries for our 'Memories of Kiev' competition.

We are proud to announce that our two winners are:

Alberto, who told us " There were many moments that could be memorable but none more intimate and precious as the presentation of Salvador, I remember being with the group in Costa Rica watching the Grand Final; and at the moment that started Portugal's presentation, the silence was total, there was only one person making his thing... Salvador Sobral, there was not even a noise of cars passing outside the lounge where we were, nothing but absolutely nothing interrupted us to hear "Amar Pelos Dois", 3 minutes later then the normal noise of the environment returned, I can assure on may 13th, I experienced pure magic for 3 minutes."


Kenneth, who told us " I have 2 memorable moments. First, the kiss between the Bielorrusian couple made me think in love, she seems very in love. The other moment was the last Portugal's performance. Salvador called his sister to sing with him. It was the most pure act of greatness made in TV. Also, it made me think in my sisters and all the adventures that we share together. I could see how important is the family, siblings and/or friends in each person."

Congratulations to both Alberto and Kenneth. Some of the other great entries we received are below.

Roy - There were so many, but probably the Thursday farewell and getting the special vinyl single with LIED FUR EINEN FREUND on -it means so much to me

Natalie - It had to be when Salvador was joined on stage during his sister during the winner's performance. The most beautiful moment for a beautiful song, there wasn't a dry eye in the house when we watched it.

Sevket - For me, it was Luc-Spencer Gardner's appearance in the final. We were in Japan and obviously it was very early in the morning. I was in a dark hotel room watching the show in bed with my iphone. My eyelids were getting heavier and heavier and was almost falling asleep while waiting for the voting to start. When Luc appeared on screen, I literally jumped and almost fell off the bed. It took me a minute or two to figure out if it was real or a dream. Anyway this sudden adrenalin push kept me awake during the rest of the show.

Matt - It was watching Hungary's semi-final performance. That was my No. 1 song from the moment I saw his national final performance, and it was so special to finally see the result of all of this buildup for the past few months, to see it finally presented on stage for millions and millions for the first time. And it was absolutely perfect. The few imperfections I had noticed from his national final performance were fixed, and what was done right were pushed to even higher levels. To anticipate something for that long and then have it performed like that was incredible.

Mircea - My favourite memory from Kyiv was meeting all those people, coming from every corner of the world. I remember meeting some Swedes outside the venue, we chatted so much and had some fun, for so long that I almost missed the televote, during the Grand Final! It was really amazing, especially because they left a good impression on me, like "How friendly are the Swedes!". Because of them, now I am learning Swedish and I learn it by heart. I am even considering moving to Sweden when I grow up and finish my studies. IT'S INTERESTING HOW SOME PEOPLE CAN TRULY INFLUENCE YOUR LIFE!

Richard - Getting to watch it in the USA for the second year in a row.

Chris - Joining OGAE for the first time and getting to interact with people as obsessed as me! Good to know I'm not weird!

Ronny - My favourite part of ESC every year is anytime us members get together, whether it be in the stadium, at euroclub afterwards, or in this years case, Roy's farewell. Anytime we are all together is my highlight I guess :)

Michaela - Kyiv was my fourth Eurovision, and it will go down as the the one, where friendships were made and celebrated. It was great seeing friends again, enjoying dinner with Alan, catching up with Luc, Ronnie, Adrian, Roy and Marcus. There are more , but too many to mention. The memories are just golden. The one that sticks out is how everyone cared for each other. After leaving Nick at Euroclub, as I couldn't get him to come home with me at 4 am, I was quite worried as he really was worse for wear. That is where friendship kicked in, and he arrived home in one piece thanks to Luc, Ronnie and all the others. so the most memorable moment was about the caring and friendships we had experienced.