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October - Chris Hockman

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What is your earliest memory of Eurovision?

I remember being up late at home, I think it was around 2003 and flicking around the channels for something to watch when I stumbled upon Eurovision on SBS and have been a fan ever since.

What is your all time favourite Eurovision song?

It's a new one but I love it, Love Injected by Aminata, it's modern and if she was American she'd be huge.

Which Eurovision Performance will always make you smile?

Alcohol is Free, I don't even drink but I loved the energy and I'm also a big fan of ska, it was basically in my wheelhouse.

Which Eurovision song would you be happy to never hear again?

You'll all hate me, but Yodel It! Different =/= good

If you could produce the show in Lisbon 2018 what is one thing you'd love to include?

This is a really tough question, and the more I think about it the more I change my mind I'd love to see more of the local music and arts scene as part of Eurovision, but I definitely get Edward's "we've had enough singing" from last month, but with Portugal getting its first chance maybe show us something of Portugal, a visit to each of the regions?

Tell us something (non-Eurovision related) about yourself that might surprise other members.

While probably not surprising for a lot of folks, I work for the second division football (which they call soccer here) league in the United States as their staff writer. Also, I have a twin sister.


September – Sascha Stolp (S) & Edward Till (E)

What is your earliest memory of Eurovision?

(S) - Having grown up in South Africa, the contest wasn't on my radar. I first heard about the contest when Dana International won and it made the South African papers. I thought the contest sounded fun and made sure to watched when I moved to the UK in 2001.

(E) - My younger brother and I watched every year from the late ‘70s and it was the highlight of the year. I remember the UK winning in 1981, which was very exciting, but the thing I loved most was the different languages.

What is your all time favourite Eurovision song?

(S) - It changes, but I'd probably have to say Tu Te Reconnaitras by Ann Marie David for Luxembourg 1973.

(E) - I think Era Stupendo by Paolo Meneguzzi (Switzerland 2008) would have to be my absolute favourite. It’s happy but there’s a melancholic edge to it as well. It was also fantastic to hear a song in Italian again after so many years.

Which Eurovision performance will always make you smile? 

(S) - Poland 2014. Having lived in Poland for 2 years, I found it hilarious.


(E) - Probably Dis Oui by Melanie Cohl (Belgium 1998) fits the best. It is such a positive upbeat song and great to hear the French.

What Eurovision song would you be happy to never hear again?

(S) - Ireland 2008. Dustin the turkey.

(E) - This one is easy: We are the Winners by LT United (Lithuania 2006). I can forgive most things, but not failing to try. This is a smug and immature entry. Athens was my first Eurovision and I was sad that this entry was the first time we heard booing, and even sadder it did well. I am glad the voting system was changed to include the juries again, which knocked this kind of rubbish out.

If you could produce the show in Lisbon 2018, what is the one thing you’d love to include?

(S) - I'd love to have the language rule back, even just for 1 year, to bring back variety.

(E) - With the notable exception of Sweden, very few countries have embraced the interval act recently. I found Norway’s tour around Europe in 2010 very moving, and technology has moved on a lot since then. We don’t want to hear more singing; give us something different!

Tell us something (non-Eurovision related) about you that might surprise other members.

(S) - I have had an intense fear of frogs since childhood.

(E) - I am one of three gay brothers, two of whom are married. My younger brother got married on the first day of marriage equality in England and Wales... in the form of a musical on national television. I even had a singing role!