e-Membership cards

OGAE International is moving to electronic membership cards, delivered through a smartphone app called Card Skipper. The new electronic cards will be provided to all Euphoria members who have provided us with a valid mobile phone number.

The basic instructions to download the app and install your membership card can be found here.

You will receive an SMS (text message) and an e-mail. Ideally, you should load the app from the link in the text message.  Please follow the instructions contained in the text message.  This will guide you through loading the app and setting up your card.  

Please do not delete the text message until it is all set up as if we need to send the message again there will be an additional charge for the club to pay for your membership.

If members have not provided a valid mobile phone number, they will need to use the email which will include all the information needed to load their card (please see below for more information).

We recommend that members save the email as it contains their credentials that can be used to restore their card if necessary.

Once you have set up the app successfully, you will see your new membership card in the app. It will include your new membership card number.  You will also see some messages below the card including one to allow you to add a photo.

Once you have set up your card, you will see welcome messages from Rest of the World.  Within these messages you will see an option to “Add an ID photo to your card”.  You should follow the link and then go to “Upload picture”, this will allow you to add a photo by following the instructions.  You must add a photo if you are planning to use your card as proof of membership (eg. for EuroClub entry).  Members must load pictures similar to those required for passports.

The photo may not save if all the personal data has not been completed.  If any members are having trouble saving a photo you should scroll up and check that all the required fields have been completed.

For those without a smartphone

The new cards are designed to work on a smartphone.  Members who do not have a smartphone or who do not provide a phone number will be able to load the application on their PC and they should then be able to print their membership card, but the process is a little more complicated.

For those who want to create their card on a PC, they need to follow this procedure:

1.           Click on the link “Install Membership Card & Cardskipper” contained in the email you will be sent.

2.           If you have a mobile phone (even if not a smartphone), please input the phone number.  If you do not have a mobile phone, please input +441010101010, the other fields should already be filled.  Then push “Next”

3.           The system should now ask you to log in, but you do not have a password so you will need to click on “Forgot Password” which will generate an email to allow you to set up a password

4.           When you receive the email, click on the link “Reset Password”

5.           Set a new password

6.           You will then be directed to the log in screen and you can use your email and new password to log on.

Should you have any issues with setting up your card please contact us.