A few months ago we let you know that OGAE International were searching for a new logo and they sought ideas from the entire OGAE network. OGAE International have reviewed the entries and there are five shortlisted logos. Each OGAE club has been asked to vote on the new logo.

Please note that this is a competition for the new logo of OGAE International. National clubs (like Rest of the World) will under no circumstances have an obligation to adopt the logo as their club logo (but we can adapt it into a unique version for each club if we wish).

The final submissions have been anonymized for the sake of fairness. This does not mean that we do not respect the copyrights which the authors have for their work. Each submission has a unique number. Please use this number when voting.

Voting for Rest of the World has now closed. We will let you know when OGAE International announce the overall winner.

Logo 1 -

Logo 1.png

Logo 2 -

Logo 2.png

Logo 3 -


Logo 3.png

Logo 4 -


Logo 4.png

Logo 5 -

Logo 5.png