Opportunities to Earn Points 2020

The opportunity to earn points for the 2019 ticket list will run from December 2018 to 31 October 2019.

On our Facebook page, all points opportunities will include #2020Points in the post. This will help you easily identify and search for opportunities on the page. Please note that by participating in a points opportunity you are agreeing to do so within the parameters set out below. All points opportunities are open to all members of the club unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Upcoming Opportunities

National Selections

Members will be assigned a country to report on their national selection process. The ‘reports’ will form a blog on ogaerotw.com to keep members up to date with national selections. Countries will be assigned through a ballot. If the number of people wanting to participate is higher than the number of participating countries, then multi-stage national selections (for example Sweden) will be broken down and different members will be assigned different stages of the contest to report on. For countries with a direct selection, only one member will be assigned. Each blog post written will be worth 20 points.

Pre-Eurovision Reviews

Starting March 2019, one country's entry will be uploaded to the Facebook page each day. You will have an opportunity to write a few comments/review the entry and how you think it will do in Israel. Members will receive 1 point per country they comment on. Arrangements will be made for those not on Facebook to participate.

Good Luck Messages

We will again in 2019 looking for people to make good luck messages for the artists that will be performing in Israel. If you'd like to see some of the good luck messages that members have done in the past, check out our YouTube channel. Please note that this opportunity will be capped at one video per participating country, so only a limited number of members will be able to participate. Members may make their video in couples or groups if they choose.

Post-Eurovision Reviews

The post contest reviews are where you will get a chance to comment on the actual performance given at Eurovision. These will commence on the Facebook page in late May 2019 and one performance will be posted each day. You will be able to earn 1 point for each song you comment on. Arrangements will be made for those not on Facebook to participate.