Opportunities to Earn Points for 2018

For more information on how earning points will help your place on the ticket list click here.

On our Facebook page, all points opportunities will include #2018Points in the post. This will help you easily identify and search for opportunities on the page.

Current Opportunities:

Post-Eurovision Reviews:

The post contest reviews are where you will get a chance to comment on the actual performance given at Eurovision. These will commence on the Facebook page on 22 May and continue through 2 July. You will be able to earn 1 point for each song you comment on.

All 42 songs will include #Post2017 to make them easier to find in the group.

Upcoming Opportunities:

Coming Soon. Please check back.


Closed Opportunities:

Pre-Eurovision Reviews:

Starting Monday March 20th, one country's entry will be uploaded to the Facebook page each day. You will have an opportunity to write a few comments/review the entry and how you think it will do in Kiev. Members will receive 1 point per country they comment on (there is a maximum of 43 points per member). This points opportunity is CLOSED.

Euro Song news Articles:

The deadline for the EuroSong articles is 17 March. The list of who has volunteered to contribute is available on the club's Facebook page, along with the guidelines for the articles. Each article will be awarded 10 points. This points opportunity is CLOSED.

Good Luck Messages:

We are again in 2017 looking for people to make good luck messages for the artists that will be performing in Kiev. If you'd like to see some of the good luck messages that members have done in the past, check out our YouTube channel. The videos are due to us on Sunday 16th April 2017 midnight CET. Please email them to contact@ogaerotw.com You will be awarded 10 points for 2018 for each good luck video that you submit. This points opportunity is now CLOSED.

National Selections:

Points will be awarded based on the type of selection covered and number of posts you write. Each post for a round of competition or selection of a song or artist will be awarded 20 points (so those needing to write more posts will be rewarded for the effort). If you are sharing the reporting with another member - you will have the points per post divided equally between you (so ten points each). This points opportunity is now CLOSED.