Portugal at Eurovision 2018 Points Opportunity

Portugal have entered 49 songs at Eurovision over the years. Over 2 weeks, we will be asking you a question about these songs and you will need to send us your answer to the trivia question. There will be 2 points available per correct answer, with a bonus 10 points for those that correctly guess all 14 songs.

To submit an answer to a question, please complete the form below. You will need to select the question that you are answering from the drop down box and then type in your answer. You will need to complete a new form for each question you wish to answer (so to answer all 14 questions, you would need to submit the form 14 times).

You can either answer the questions as they are posted (daily) or all at once, but please note we will only be accepting answers until Noon CET on 2 August.


Question 1 - Before their 2017 victory at Eurovision, what was a) the highest placing on the scoreboard that Portugal had received? (excluding semi finals) and b) the name of the song and artist that previously held this record for Portugal (from part a)?

Question 2 - We all know Portugal got their first Eurovision victory in 2017, but did you know that they have also received nil points in a grand final more than once? Today’s question has two parts – a) How many times has Portugal got nil points in a grand final? and B) What are the names of the songs that got nil points and their artists?

Question 3 - Over 49 years three artists have represented Portugal more than once. Can you name two of them?

Question 4 - Portugal have one win at Eurovision, and one win at the Barbara Dex awards. Name the only Portuguese artist to win the Barbara Dex Award and their song.

Question 5 - Portugal have always sung in Portuguese, but one artist performed in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish (all in three minutes!). Name the singer and the song.

Question 6 - Who am I? I was born in central Portugal in 1980 and rose to fame as a musical performer in my teenage years. I had my first hit song in Portugal in 1999 and released my first solo album in 2002. I began a career performing in various musical theater productions in Portugal in my 20’s. I represented Portugal at Eurovision in my 30’s. I am currently competing for a spot in ‘The Voice’ Spain.

Question 7 - If I was calling the music, which Portuguese Eurovision singer would I be?

Question 8 - In 49 years, how many songs have Portugal entered with the Portuguese word(s) for ‘love’ in the title?

Question 9 - Available 25 July

Question 10 - Available 26 July

Question 11 - Available 27 July

Question 12 - Available 28 July

Question 13 - Available 29 July

Question 14 - Available 30 July


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