#2018Points - Sounds Like Eurovision

Welcome to our final #2018Points opportunity!
There will be five rounds. In each round, we will release a music file. You will hear short snippets of five songs. We need you to tell us which year each of those five songs featured at Eurovision and the country that each song represented.

You will receive five (5) points for correctly guessing the year.
You will receive one (1) point for correctly guessing each country.

Over the course of this points opportunity you could earn a maximum of fifty (50) points.

All fields with an Asterix (*) must be completed. 

If you don't know a country select "Don't Know"

The five music files will be uploaded here on the following dates:
#1 on Monday 9th October
#2 on Wednesday 11th
#3 on Friday 13th October
#4 on Sunday 15th October
#5 on Tuesday 17th October
You will need to have submitted all of your answers no later than Noon CET on 19 October.

The files will be released on the OGAE Rest of the World YouTube Channel. There will be a link provided on both the Facebook and OGAE Rest of the World Website.

Have Fun


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