Sounds Like Eurovision - Solutions

This Points Opportunity has now closed

Thanks for everyone’s participation.  I really enjoyed receiving your guesses.

I was glad to see so much engagement with this competition.  It truly was inspiring to hear your comments.  The biggest objective I had was Fun and I think that it was achieved :-). 

Well Done for all those who participated.

Song File Day One - Year 2017
        Song Name                     Country
Song 1    Origio                       Hungary
Song 2    Gravity                     Cyprus
Song 3    My Friend                 Croatia
Song 4    Do it for you Lover   Spain
Song 5    Grab the moment      Norway

Song File Day Two - Year 2012
        Song Name                 Country
Song 1    Zaleilah                Romania
Song 2    Be my guest          Ukraine
Song 3    La la Love             Cyprus
Song 4    Stay                       Norway
Song 5    Love me back         Turkey

Song File Day Three - 2013
        Song Title                   Country
Song 1    Gravity                Ukraine    
Song 2    O Mie                  Moldova    
Song 3    It’s My Life           Romania    
Song 4    Lonely Planet        Armenia    
Song 5    L’Essenziale            Italy

Song File Day Four - 2006        
        Song Title                            Country
Song 1    Je t'adore                       Belgium
Song 2    Hard Rock Halleujah    Finland
Song 3    La Coco-Dance              Monarco
Song 4    Aman Banda                  Netherlands
Song 5    Show me your love        Ukraine

Song File Day Five - 2010
        Song Title                          Country
Song 1    It’s all about you          Albania
Song 2    Allez Ola Ole              France
Song 3    Satellite                      Germany
Song 4    Je Ne Said Quoi         Iceland
Song 5    Run Away                  Moldova