Latvia (semi 2) - Luc, Felipe, Marcos & Zac

On February 2nd, Latvia continued its search for Laura Rizzoto’s successor. 

Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens - “Tautasdziesma

Marcos -These are the neighborhood dads singing in kilts. There was nothing I liked. No.

Felipe - Dziļi Violets is definitely a miss. They sing in English, French and Latvian and it's hard to understand them in all languages  They sing all right, but the song itself has no life. No.

Luc - it’s their very own Bohemian Rhapsody! Harmonies, presence, KILTS! Yes!!!!!

Zac - This was weird but in the coolest way? I stan harmonies, dramatic camera work, and kilts. Yes!

Peress - “Smaragdi un pelni

Marcos - Cool on-screen graphics, but song is too repetitive. Weak vocals progressively improved. No.

Felipe - Beginning lacks melody with disturbing bass sound throughout the rest of the song. Amateurish vocals, but points for singing in Latvian 😐 No.

Luc - very green. Confusing mess of ideas bizarrely constructed that it kinda worked!

Zac - C'mon harmonies at the end! Her Lorde dancing needs work though. At least she's got a good voice. Yes.

Laika Upe - Listen to the Way that I Breathe

Marcos - I enjoyed their performance. I liked vintage sound. but it was a little too repetitive, and I had some trouble understanding the lyrics. Yes.

Felipe - I didn't like Laika Upe's nasal singing either  Very unclear what he was talking about, and it took too long for the song to become interesting. Mostly a miss as well. No.

Luc - Sit, stand, repeat. Great melody but completely failed live. No presence at all!

Zac - As far as bands go, this wasn't the worst. Tolerable vocals, not bad lyrics. Yes.

Carousel - "That Night"

Marcos - Very repetitive. Good vocals. All around pleasant song. Needs lyrical variety. Yes.

Felipe - Simple song and unlikely to do well, but it's a song I’d listen to on my work commute. That being said, the staging needs adjustments to keep audiences interested. Yes.

Luc - circus band presented the song brilliantly for tv. While I enjoy this simple ditty, it does pretty much nothing. Yeah...

Zac - Very lounge singer-y. Nice voice but wouldn't stand out in the contest. No.                                                     

Kristiāna - "Remedy"

Marcos - Needs better staging. Good vocals, but song is repetitive and generic. Yes.

 Felipe - Kristiāna deserves the Barbara Dex  But the song is definitely a miss. Very generic beat with poor and tired sounding vocals. No.

 Luc - that outfit is shocking! Terrible phrasing, nothing too exciting here. But a good finish.

 Zac - Tragically, the backing track drowns her voice in the verses. If she can fix the production issues, I'd be ok seeing this in the final. Yes.                                                                        

Double Faced Eels - "Fire" 

Marcos - One of the better acts in this trash semi. Chaotic staging. Good effort. No.

Felipe - Super cliché, but their delivery wasn’t too bad. May very well pass this semi due to weak competition. Yes.

Luc - bit funky, well presented and interesting sound. A little rough on the vocals but no less enjoyable. Yes.

Zac - The fire magic trick was a good one, but I'm sorry he wasted it on such a mediocre song. No.                                                                

Adriana Miglāne - “Scared of Love"

Marcos - Adriana Miglāne - Standard pop song with good vocals. Pitch is too high sometimes. Sure.

Felipe - Bubblegum pop, Maria Olafs vibe, Total Eurovision cliché. Yes.

Luc - what was with the cramping choreography. This squeaky waif is just a budget budgerigar.

Zac - Repetitive song, weak vocal, pretty outfit. No.                                                              

Markus Riva – “You Make Me So Crazy"

Marcos - A total Sergey Lazarev rip off, but Markus really sells it. Oh, and those dances moves? Atrocious Yes.

Felipe - Markus will make the final, but if he wins, he needs a new song. It’s bad. If he gets Philipp Kirkorov to produce him, he could even win ESC. Yes.

Luc - PVC queen with zero vocal ability bleats his way through a generic dungeon porn soundtrack filler.  NO!

Zac - There was... an attempt. The dancing was slick, and the outfits are cool, but he can't decide what notes he wants to hit. No

That’s all folks. After all the votes were counted, the Latvian public sent Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens, Carousel, Double Faced Eels, Markus Riva to the final.  Make sure to join us on February 16th for the grand final.