2019 Ticketing policy

The provision of tickets to OGAE clubs is not guaranteed. This policy is based on the expectation that the host broadcaster will continue to offer fan clubs this opportunity. Membership in the club does not guarantee you a ticket.

Anyone who wants a ticket package must respond when expressions of interest are called for. The list will not be finalised until all relevant details have been provided to us by OGAE International. You must be a paid Euphoria to be eligible to submit an expression of interest.

Once we know how many ticket packages the club will receive, they will be allocated based on the number of ‘points’ a member has earned in the membership year.

Anyone who applies for tickets through another OGAE member club will not be eligible to apply for tickets through OGAE Rest of the World. Anyone who has another OGAE club as their ‘primary’ club (the club that their OGAE card is with) are also ineligible to apply. OGAE International only permit an individual to apply for one ticket, through one Club in any given year.

Partners or groups: If you wish to attend the 2019 contest with your partner or as part of a small group of friends, each person needs to apply individually, and earn points individually. For couples and groups we can average your combined points to allow you to have consecutive rankings on the ticket list. For example, if one person earns 40 points and his or her partner earns 20 points, we are able to treat them as if they earned 30 points each. But both partners must have earned points and both must be on the ticket list. A person not on the ticket list cannot donate their points to someone who is (they must be shared).

In recent years clubs have been provided mostly standing tickets, supplemented with a small number of seated tickets. As with previous years, priority for seated tickets will go to those who have a physical/medical ailment that prevents them from standing for a prolonged period. If there are seated tickets remaining following this allocation then these will be offered based on the number of points earned by a member.

Please note: This policy may be need to be reviewed and altered if the organisers of the 2019 contest make changes to the way tickets are distributed to the OGAE clubs. Factors that may come into play could include:

  • A significant increase in membership across the OGAE clubs

  • A decision to offer ‘F2’ fan accreditation in 2019

  • The ratio between sitting and standing ticket packages

  • The cost of the packages

  • The size of the arena

  • A decision to offer an alternative package that excludes the grand final show.

Definitions and Rules for Points List and Ticket List

Points List
Group A - People who became paid members of OGAE RoW prior to 13 May 2018 and have renewed for the current membership year.

Group B - People who became paid members of OGAE RoW (for the first time) on or after 13 May 2018.

Everyone can earn points who is a member of OGAE RoW. Membership can be upgraded from Satellite to Euphoria at any time during the point earning period and points earned to date are retained (unless you have another club as your primary club then upgrading is not permitted).

To be on the ticket list for Israel 2019 you must gain points by participating in activities throughout the year. The points gathering for the ticket list for ESC 2019 in Israel will finish on 30th November 2018 (or until the ticket sale date is announced by the host broadcaster and OGAE International, whichever is earlier). This final date will be published on the OGAE RoW website and Facebook page.

Ticket List
Group A ticket list members will be placed on the list first based on the number of points they have earned.

Group B ticket list members will be placed on the list following Group A based on the number of points they have earned.

Members who have not met the minimum points requirement will only be considered once the Group A and Group B lists have both been exhausted. They will be known as Group C.

The minimum point threshold (required to be in Group A or B) is 30 points. LESS THAN 30 points is below the minimum point threshold required to be on the ticket list and regardless of your length of tenure with the club you will be in Group C.

Those in Group C will be prioritised as follows:

– Number of points first in order of highest to lowest
– (If number of points are equal) the date of joining RoW initially / renewing
– (If date of joining initially / renewing is the same) then alphabetical order of your family name

How can you best ensure your position on the ticket list?
Participate in activities on the Facebook page or website.