Hungary - Wayne Ralph

Time for the Second Semi-final at A Dal 2018….yes it’s still going ;)

As per Semi-final One, it’s 9 contenders fighting it out for the Final with 3 going through on a combination of jury and public vote and 1 being “saved” by the public.

1. Cintia Horváth & Tomi Balogh - "Journey (Break Your Chains)”
Looking on point but still some bung notes just as in the heat.  It certainly is “hard some times”, Cintia.  Score: 8-8-8-8-4=36 (did not qualify)

2. AWS - "Viszlát nyár”
Pretty epic sort of song and between this and Leander Kills (the other rock/metal song), I think this is better.  The Jury are loving it more than the public though.  Score: 10-10-9-10-7=46 ( 1st qualifier)

3. Odett - "Aranyhal"
Very hard for the Hungarian Duffy to follow AWS, definitely chalk and cheese.  She’s sweet but pretty flat and underwhelming. Score: 8-8-8-8-5=37 (did not qualify)

4. Viktor Király - “Budapest Girl”  
Viktor’s hair got a bit taller since the heat and his song still has more cheese than a 70’s fondu party.  Got to admit he sings it well. Score: 7-8-10-8–7=42 (3rd qualifier)

5. Nikoletta Szőke, Attila Kökény and Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos - "Életre kel"
Both singers started off a bit more nervous than in their heat.  And they finished nervous as well. And the middle was nervous too. Oh my. A 4 from the public vote says it all.  Score: 9-8-8-8–4=37 (did not qualify)

6. Tamás Horváth - “Meggyfa”
A few changes since the heat with some of the ad-lib being taken out at the 1 minute mark. Really, Hungary need to pick this one. The song is beautiful. Tamás is beautiful. It’s what we deserve in Lisbon. But alas, the Jury decided to make Tamás work for it (again).  Luckily the public came through with the save. Score: 8-7-7-8-8=38 (second chance qualifier)

7. Tamás Vastag - “Ne hagyj reményt”
This Tamás is not so beautiful especially with him sporting a hideous new growth on his lip.  He’s obviously tried to “dirty up” his look since the heat but “wedding singer” has turned to “porno actor”.  The song itself clips along sweetly but it’s all one note (no build at all). Score: 8-7-8-7-6=36 (did not qualify)

8. Ceasefire X - “Satellites”
Still a very static performance but at least they ditched the plastic chair at the start for a bedroom scene.  He looked better in the plaid jacket too but unfortunately sung better in the heat. Score: 9-9-8-8-6=40 (did not qualify)

9. yesyes - "I Let You Run Away”
This one is a favourite amongst the “fans” but I don’t see it on that performance. That accordion quickly gets awkward after he’s finished playing it and he’s very hard to understand. Score: 10-9-9-9–8=45 (2nd qualifier)

Overall, a pretty expected result even if it was a cliffhanger for my fave “Meggyfa”.  Both Ronny and I will be having a crack at the Final next week.  I think we’re both looking forward to FINALLY seeing who’s going to represent Hungary in Lisbon this year.  Now, I’ve got a week to try some gentle persuasion on the Hungarian Jury ;)