Lithuania - Matt MacDonald

The national-final season finally came to a close in Lithuania on March 11, a day that was doubly celebrated there as it took place on that country's Independence Day. The Eurovizijos final was held that evening in Lithuania's largest indoor facility, Kaunas' Žalgiris Arena, and the winner was to be selected half by jury votes and half by public votes with each awarding points on a 12-10-8-7-6-5 scale. Any tie would be broken by the jury. 

Monika Marija – "The Truth"

This was a beautiful ballad. Personally, I loved her voice. The song wasn't all that standout-ish, but her delivery of it was. I saw it described on social media as a "nice inoffensive ballad." 

Kotryna Juodzeviciute – "That Girl"

She wore memorable 1970s-esque red-tinted glasses while performing some energetic, mildly catchy music that several viewers said should have been left in the 2000s. Bottom line, it seemed to be missing something. 

The Roop – "Yes, I Do"

Personally, I disliked this song and would have put it at the bottom of my top 41 if it had won, but many liked it. The performance gave off a 1980s vibe that connected with many. His vocals were shaky at the beginning but improved. 

Paula – "1 2 3" 

So much to say here. There was a lot of anticipation on social media for this one, but it just fell flat. She went with an acoustic version due to, from what I could tell, suggestions from the judges. Doing so just left this as an empty performance. And a dramatic breaking of a chair ended up being way too tentative. 

Jurgis Bruzga – "4love" 

This one really reminded me of Robin Bengtsson's "I Can't Go On." Some compared it to Benjamin Ingrosso's "Dance You Off" too. His performance had flashing lights, was high energy and did have some catchy elements to it.  

Ieva Zasimauskaitė – "When We’re Old"

She performed the first two-thirds of this song while sitting on the floor before a brief film clip jarred the viewer from her performance, and she's on her feet for the rest. Touching images were shown behind her in that last minute. However, to me, this song was dull although I could tell that it was looking to be soulful and emotional. I saw on social media some saying that they got chills watching it while others were bored. 

Online voting took place throughout the acts, and Ieva took over the lead shortly after she finished singing and ended up winning that relatively easily. Her 20,335 votes outpaced second-place The Roop and "Yes, I Do" and the 16,491 that that entry had garnered. Monika Marija and "The Truth" came in third in the televoting with 13,755. 

However, Ieva did not win the jury vote, coming in second behind Jurgis Bruzga and "4love," 71 jury votes to 70. But finishing second there was enough for her to win the competition with 22 points, and she will represent Lithuania in Lisbon. Jurgis had come in fourth in the televoting, and that kept him from winning the combined vote. He finished in second with 19 tallies. In third with 17 points – 10 from the televoters and seven from the jury – was The Roop and "Yes, I Do."