Lithuania (Heat 2) - Asta Zelenkauskaite

The second round (Heat 2) has started with a few returning artists and a few new rising stars of the Lithuanian Eurovision. There were 13 participants who competed in this round. Only 6 of them moved to the next round; including the following artists:

  1. Edgaras Lubys - „To the sky“

  2. Emilija Gogolyte -  „Riddle“

  3. Juna - „Strength of a woman“

  4. Lukas Bartaska - „River of hope“

  5. “Original copy” -  „Power of sounds“

  6. Paola Hart - „I’ll be alright“

After summarizing votes of the jury and the audience, the winner of the Heat 2 with the maximum of 12 points came out Edgaras Lubys with his song “To the Sky.” It is not his first time to compete in the Eurovision—his debut was in 2004, and in addition he participated in 2010, 2015, 2017, and currently in 2019.  He has released so far 5 studio albums so far. The song has a familiar sound of the 80-ties and the musician himself nostalgically has pointed out that 80-ies were the times when many great songs were created. And this song brings him to his musical roots. Here is the link to the song.

Emilija Gogolyte was a clear favorite of the audience (ranking number two), while the jury ranked her as number 5. While the summative points made Edgaras Lubys a clear leader, there were quite stark differences in the order in which other contestants were lined up. For example, Juna came out as number 1 in the jury votes, and she earned the highest appraisals for her performance, in the audience listing she came out only number 8 for the audiences. Juna has participated in the previous Eurovision as a back singer for Donny Montell who has represented Lithuania in 2012 and 2016. He is the author of Juna’s song for 2019.

While this show has featured many talented singers, yet there was no clear leader so far in this second Heat selection.